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Executive Committee 2022-23

President: Aneta Stępień, Critical Skills, NUIM

Vice-President: tbc.

Treasurer: Róisín Healy, Department of History, NUIG

Membership Secretary: Keith Harrington, NUIM

Members of Committee:

Balázs Apor, Dept of Russian and Slavonic Studies/Centre for European Studies, TCD
Maria Falina, School of History and Geography, DCU
Jana Fischerová, Adult Education Centre, UCD/School of Languages, Literatures and Cultural Studies, TCD
Jennifer Keating, School of History & Archives, UCD Tanya Lokot, School of Communications, DCU
John Paul Newman, Department of History, NUIM
Lili Zách, Eötvös Lóránt University, Budapest


Conny Opitz, School of Modern Languages, Cardiff University


Maciej Cupryś, NUI Galway


Irish Slavonic Studies

Since 2010, Neil Robinson, Dept of History, UL, has been the main editor of ISS, assisted by the Vice-President or other member of the conference organising team.